Technology Services

We produce custom-built solutions for a number of industries. Using cutting-edge technologies, such as Python/Django, AngularJS and PostgreSQL, we design and develop high quality web applications aimed to satisfy our clients’ needs and give measurable results.

Business Services

We create efficient mobile solutions for businesses and engaging mobile applications for consumers. Our iOS / Android products outstand with clear UX, elegant UI Design and are supported by smooth functionality thanks to advanced technologies used in the development.

Consulting Services

One of the first steps in our product development process is UI/UX design. We have a team of professional and experienced web designers working close to our web developers to create excellent end products. We design user friendly and products to help your business grow.

Data Management

Data Management Services at RedInno will help organizations to address information challenges cost-effectively applying industry best practices and solution frameworks. RedInno helps clients to improve efficiencies and execute new business strategies by developing centralized information technology services.

Advanced Analytics

Descriptive analytics capabilities are no longer cutting the demands of today’s businesses. Analytics features are an increasing component of an application’s value. Whether you are looking for a simple regression model or a complex neural network model, team at RedInno has the knowledge and expertise to meet your demands.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud applications are becoming a more popular choice for digital businesses these days as they provide a better service. Cloud solutions use the deployment of network-based applications in a highly flexible shared IT environment. It offers a number of major advantages over some of themore traditional application models.

Outsourcing Services

We also develop high-performance, scalable and realtime web applications using Node.js. Our skilled specialists have wide experience in developing Node.js apps for various needs and business tasks. We use cutting-edge technologies to design, develop and test our solutions.

Assurance Services

In our work we are always customer and result oriented. We develop solutions that give results and make money. Our specialization is creating products with the highest return on investment versus risk. We can proudly state that all our products are always successful.

Digital Reimagination

We expertise in AngularJS, Backbone.js, Ember.js, React, KnockoutJS etc. Using cutting-edge technologies, agile methods and continuous delivery we develop apps that range from analysis software for finance industries to medical screening and vision inspection systems.

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